In our continuing effort to clean up this dump, we came upon several live recordings of Brother JT, listened to them, took a long drive, mulled it over, ate something, listened to them again, and then decided to cobble together a live CD for anyone who might be interested. The result, THIS MUD'S FOR YOU, was derived from mono board tapes that stretch back to 1998, though primarily document 2 Khyber Pass shows from 2001-2002. Sound is a bit rough, but performances (featuring alternating lineups of the 4-piece, including Art DiFuria on 2nd guitar) are quite spiffy if we don't say so ourselves.

If you're interested in obtaining a CD-R copy of this or any other album please email me and we will endeavor to make it so.

In other news, 2 Brother JT shows coming up this month: Fri. Oct 12 birthday bash @ Strange Brew in Allentown, and Sat. Oct 20 @ the Funhouse in Bethlehem with TQI: totally different sets and lineups, so please come out to one or both...

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