sparklers for eyes--10 white hot julys
churnin the cream from inside
its like butter--like butter

twas a liquid gold, squeezin diamonds into coal
metaphysical stone soul fluffernutter, fluffernutter

sleazy rider gonna make it hard, rode hard and put me away
when they stick me in that graveyard never wipe the smile off my face

laughin at the gas
i felt several lifetimes pass
I threw the looking glass
it was smashing, jolly smashing

spacin on the time, when our nebulas combine
feel like a frankenstein
monster mashin--it was the monster mash

sometimes the stars allign, sometimes they collide
sometimes the space betweens so black it splits your skull open wide

flyin in my cot--dippin in the honey pot
hawaii with a g spot when i do ya when i do ya
found a sun inside--so warm i wanna cry
i wanna testify--hallelujah, hallelujah

flabbergasted by the funk and drunk on big sky juice
tigers got me by the tail aint no way he's ever gonna turn me lose