sittin on the pad
thinkin bout my dad
who was he why was he
its all so fuzzy
does he know where I'm at
does he know he was
not just anybody

well met, well met
puttin on my helmet
I'm on a mission
and I'm wishin for the velvet sky
to be my pilot
take me where
I'm not just anybody

& hey there sourpuss
its gonna get stuck like that
cos youre nothin I'm nothin
its really somethin
do you know where thats at?
do you know
youre not just anybody

caterpillar, caterpillar
weavin your cocoon
youre gonna be a butterfly soon
and spread your wings
and fly away, fly away

I got butterflies all the time
somethings happenin here I dont know why
plotting course for regions upside my head
dont wanna hide no more the light are turning red

10, 9, 8, 7, 654-321 we have liftoff
we're not pissed off anymore
make a gift of your love to the world
and you will soar, you will soar