i know that you know that they know that we know--lets not talk about it
hollow and shallow, how low can we go--before we do something about it
cos i feel like a mountain nobody wants to climb
with all this sky above me and way too much time

how long how long how long how long can this go on

swing low swing low sing oh the doh-see-doh--just can't do without it
get so, you fret so, the whole mess just let's go--makes you want to shout it
get more flies with honey--but man, who wants flies
lets go buy some money, pay the sun not to rise

crack our heads wide open
and fix up what was broken
and do more like we're s'posed ta
and leave this planet smokin
tease some joy from breathin
take it easy on the reasons
and let it go unspoken
and with new eyes be awoken

let go let go let go let go
ain't yours for the holdin
your soul my soul our soul are all
keepin what was golden
and i'll be the steady watcher
all along the mountainside
i might look like a mountain
but i'm a fire inside

burnin--never put out the fire inside