when i was a young man i said
never gonna give it up, never gonna get enough,
and days like years and years in a daze and
things are gettin kinda rough, still not quite out of touch
and friends passin by pass by and say
hey man when are you growin up
why dont you just give it up
why cant you be more like us, i say

oh woe is me in the throes of misery
'spose you can see how much that i like it like it

only get so far on blind rage
then you gotta turn the page, go and try and act your age
i'd like to be like the other ones you know
man, i seen em come and go, some ain't comin back no more
but i'm a fat tiger, got my stripes
never goin to come off, never gonna get em off
never really gettin off at all

oh why i'm just a lazy so-n-so,
but i'm blazin when i go to it

now i'm an old man and i'm
not gettin over it, nothing to show for it
but i still got it in me and it's
all i really know how to do is give it all up to you
so at last call can you tell me
I didn't try and give it up, didnt give it all i got,
didn't give it right on up for you