hunka sunrise for your wakin
look alive, look alive, look alive
BLT and hold the bacon
just the same old jive
butter in the nooks and crannies
git along git along git along
pretty soon youll be a granny

blink and you miss it
still its exquisite
nice place to visit but you wouldnt wanna live here

got a heartbeat for ya honey
rumpa pum rumpa pum rumpa pum
but i dont have any money
because i'm so dumb
got a needle for your haystack
lets get lost lets get lost lets get lost
my advice is just to lay back
and take the plunge
make like a sponge
and soak it on up
and squeeze it on out

whats all this about
when you figure out
youll have to buy the house a round
whats all this about

up and at'em look alive