down low, way down low

i got a secret girl--she dont even know it
and she's a real humdinger
and its my love i long to bring her
bring it on down

i got me a secret girlfriend
i don't want to talk about her
cos her eyes are like mother of pearl, my friend
and now i cant do without her
cant do without her, cant do without her
and here's the reason why

she motivates me and rarely hates me
is a source of a tranquil calm
is the everloving chocolate bomb
yes she's a balm on my fuckin soul
oh my soul

i got a secret girl
i'm keepin her on the downlow
gonna take her from this wicked world
so then she has nowhere else to go...

cos she has talents and brings me balance
and then the autmn leaves
and she never leaves
cos it would grieve my fuckin soul
oh my soul oh

ok, you wanna know my secret girl?
WANNA know my secert girl?
come a little closer and i'll tell you my secret, girl,
here's my secret, girl: